Post Acute Partners

Building a network for quality care.

Post Acute Partners is rapidly growing to become a premier provider of care along the entire post acute continuum, serving everyone from children to seniors, in settings that range from short- and long-term facilities to private homes. We are a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, quality provider with significant regional concentrations.

Recent News
  • Elderwood is making a push to build its memory care business with dedicated units and a new philosophy at all sites. The Buffalo company hired Sandra Burrows as director of memory care, responsible for training staff at 13 locations and designing specialty units to supplement five Seasons memory care units now in operation. An expansion of the Grand Island unit is under way. Burrows brings 30 years of experience to the job, including 13 years as an Alzheimer’s care and quality-of-life consultant

  • BUFFALO, NY – Williamsville resident Sandra Burrows, AC-BC, CDP, MSS, has been named Director of Memory Care at Elderwood. Ms. Burrows comes to the Western New York area from Vincent, Ohio, and brings 30 years of experience to the job. Ms. Burrows will oversee services to individuals with dementia-related disorders at Elderwood. Her goal is to make Elderwood one of the premier destinations for memory care in the nation. One of her greatest career accomplishments is designing and developing a 110

  • BUFFALO, NY – Elderwood Administrative Services has moved its headquarters to 500 Seneca Street, Buffalo. The long-awaited move combines the majority of administrative services within 25,000 square feet of office space in the city’s Hydraulics District. The move to the city is a significant step for the organization. Elderwood staff and services have grown dramatically over the past few years. The move was spurred by a definite need for additional office space and a desire to combine administrat